August 2, 2010



We saw this diaper parked on top of a Volvo on a walk to the playground. Kind of disgusting.

On the bright side, station wagons live!


Eww is right! I hope they find a trash can next time.

Can't you just see what happened though? Changing kid on front seat, you put dirty diaper on roof temporarily, then forget it, and walk to the park. We've all been there, at least for some variation of the above.

Hm, looks like our Volvo...

We do diaper changes in the 'trunk' (one of the things we especially love about having a station wagon), and I can see absent-mindedly misplacing a diaper while putting the babe into his carseat.

At least, I sure hope the diaper and car belong to the same (distracted) family, and not some random passerby disposing of diapers.

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