July 28, 2010

Leon Meyer Rocking Chair Is Patented, Awesome


What a beautiful rocking chair, architect Leon Meyer! It makes me want to fold it right up and slide it away somewhere. This sweet chair looks like it can fold, but alas, it cannot, if only because Objects USA has replaced the original supports with heavier gauge steel and secured them all with screws.

This example is signed and marked from 1977, but by the time Meyer got around to patenting the design in 1990, he appears to have given up on the chair's collapsible aspect. Still, mighty fine.


Leon Meyer Rocking Chair, $1500 [objectsusa.com]
Rocking Chair, by Leon Meyer [google patents]


Hi Daddytypes,
We love your blog and thanks for posting the rocker. This chair was never a folding chair. The only thing changed was a slightly heavier gauge rod. There was always a rod there, and it was always attached with screws just the way it seen in the photos. The smaller rod would slip out of the holes when you sat on the chair, so a slight modification was made to make it useable.
Thanks, ObjectsUSA

Objects USA is correct ... the chair was never meant to fold. On ours, the joints where the arms meet the rockers are screwed together, not hinged.
Our chair is numbered in the 20's and is likely an earlier edition, tho also 1977.

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