July 26, 2010

We Believe That Bad Children's Book Titles Are Our Future

In 1998, as part of a weekly Style section Invitational contest, the Washington Post put out a call for bad ideas for a children's book. The 21 winners were published online, though since six of the finalists came from two regular Invitational entrants--Messrs. Stephen Dudzik of Silver Spring, MD and David Genser, of Arlington, VA--"finalists" might incorrectly imply there were more than 21 titles submitted.

The timeless quality of this humor is heartwarming and unchanging, until you notice that "Bi-Curious George" could be the title of any book about bonobo chimps. And "How To Dress Sexy For Grownups" has turned out to be the title of half a dozen Powerpoint presentations in the thongs-for-4yos industry.

Anyway, to see which bad ideas become reality in the next twelve years, this exercise was repeated on Twitter on Friday by Slushpile Hell, and the top 25 of 1200+ tweets were aggregated on their tumblr.

I'm sure there are more such lists that have been created and ganked and republished over the years, and you are invited to link to such in the comments.

Week 273: Bad Ideas For A Children's Book [washingtonpost.com]
25 Worst Children's Book Title...Ever [slushpilehell]

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