July 23, 2010

Breitschwerdt Pferd: Some '70s German Non-Rocking Horse


Maybe this Breitschwerdt rocking horse from the 70s is in such good condition because no one ever played with it. I'll go ahead and assume that it rock-steps forward, otherwise I can't account for it.

Breitschwerdt was supposedly a toy company known for products of high design and educational value. But except for this [admittedly nice-looking, if plain] horse, the only other toy I've found is a random jumping jack on eBay.de. Anyone?

Lot.No. 452, Pferd, Fa. Breitschwerdt, 1970er Jahre, EUR 300 [herr-auktionen.de]

1 Comment

I lived in Germany in the 70s, and I got the distinct impression that Germans did not want children to have fun. Probably no children were allowed to touch the horse.

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