July 21, 2010

CPSIA Still More Annoying Than Its Tea Baggiest Victims

I guess if it's the kind of speaking out that's necessary to get Congress to pay attention and to amend the pointless, unfair, and poorly designed testing standards of the CPSIA, then I'll have to put up with it. But damn, the ridiculous, scattershot, illogical ranting Rick Woldenberg is hosting at his CPSIA blog is just #($*%ing annoying.

I'm sure his company's kids products are all perfect, but the unfortunate reality of Woldenberg's industry is that a lax-to-ineffective-to-nonexistent safety regulation system led to tens of millions of lead-tainted toys, and a decade plus of ever-cheaper, ever-shoddier cribs. And it's not a symptom of a broken system, or a CPSC run amok, or a national epidemic of "safety paranoia" to fix real safety problems.

So rather than bitch and moan about government, Congressional, or Democratic evils, how about focusing on the actual problem, which is the CPSIA and its implementation.

Figure out some solutions or changes that aren't politically toxic for legislators, and flog them. Which probably means they can't be "changes" to or "loosening" of standards, but competitiveness and small business job creation/preservation measures. And they can't be susceptible to exploitation by the toy and baby gear giants, who'd love nothing more than to see a ragtag band of woodcarvers effectively gut the CPSIA for them.

CPSIA - Comments & Observations

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