June 26, 2010

DT Friday Freakout: Wows! Edition

If the heat doesn't getcha, maybe some sensationalistic news reports from the worlds of science, medicine, safety, and parenting will freak out your weekend:

  • Kellogg's has recalled 28 million boxes of cereal in white foil bags, because of "an off flavor and smell coming from the bags." If your cereal is affected, you probably already know it. [wash post]

  • The NY Times weighs in on the evildoings of Big Sunscreen. The answer, apparently, is to ship your sunscreen from totalitarian-but-cancer-free Europe. [nyt via @felixsalmon]

  • I'm thinking the story of Terence Koh adopting a baby boy from China is just that, a story. [art from behind]

  • Dateline - California: "WHOOPING COUGH EPIDEMIC MAY BE WORST IN 50 YEARS" ... "Pregnant women may be vaccinated against pertussis before pregnancy, during pregnancy or after giving birth. Fathers may be vaccinated at any time, but preferably before the birth of their baby. [ca.gov via dt sr vacctivist correspondent dt]

  • The FDA has rejected the untested claim from a leading autism recovery advocate that the industrial toxin OSR is great for sprinkling on autistic kids' sandwiches. "We've seen some nice 'Wows!' from OSR," says one mom who runs an autistavist website that promotes the chemical. [chicago tribune via dt sr autistavist correspondent dt]

  • Varying gender roles in preschool is good, but girls always end up being the shock absorbers, which means calming down rowdy boys. [eurekalert]

  • Employees are happier and work harder when they have great employer-provided childcare, finds a study by the nation's leading employer-provided childcare provider. [brighthorizons via pr, obv]

  • An Ikea study of 11,000 kids and parents worldwide finds that kids want to play more. [Ikea's facebook page or something. via pr]

  • GM has created an important video to educate parents that forgetting their kids in the back seat is entirely their fault. I assume the video about how automakers have been lobbying for years against any kind of mandated kid alert technologies will be on the bonus DVD. [youtube via pr]

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