June 21, 2010

Like-A-Crotch-Rocket: The Glodos Bit


The Glodos Bit is a tip-resistant walking bike for toddlers designed by the Spanish duo Marc Castell├│ and Sergi Teixid├│. It's made from molded ply, aluminum, and Big Wheel plastic.


It's an incredible combination of an Eames splint, a Like-A-Bike and a fat-tired, Sunset Strip-cruising Japanese chopper gang. And as a throwback bonus, it looks a little like the 1975 Samsonite Mini-Bike, minus the Gorilla handlebars. Could DT's 2007 catalogue scans--and the plea for someone to knock off the awesome, long-lost Mini-Bike--be an inspiration for our Catalonian heroes? Until I hear otherwise, I will say, "Thi, grathias."

The Glodos Bit is for sale, EUR95 + mystery shipping [glodos.com via minimalissimo thanks dt reader nelson]

Like-a-Big-Wheel: the Samsonite Mini-Bike

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