June 9, 2010

A Hairy Home Companion

In what's best described as "dirty NPR," nerd musician and new dad Mike Phirman performed and rapped a few weeks ago at Nerdist Live @ Largo! . mathowie">@mathowie flagged one of, if not the funniest line:

"during a baby's first 6 months of life its main method of transport is crowdsurfing" -- @phirm
You can listen to the whole show online, but if you don't like TV writing people in Los Angeles making fun of your favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel, you'll want to skip to about 30:00 for Phirman's performance, or 43:00 for the chitchat.

The conversation has inspired at least one follow-on list of how else babies are like rockstars.

Nerdist Podcast #16: Live @ Largo! w/ Tom Lennon, Mike Phirman and Paul & Storm! [nerdist.com via @mathowie]
Mike Phirman [mikephirman.com]
Babies: Tiny Rockstars by Michael Scarpelli [hadoken.us]

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