June 5, 2010

Regrouping After Unicorn Robot Attack


Adult Swim's classic Flash game, Unicorn Robot Attack has been released for the iPhone and iPad, and--flying unicorns pooping rainbows, right?--I thought the kid'd like it.

I thought wrong. She's not into it at. all. I don't think the decapitated unicorn robot head motif freaks her out. It's more the bleak, existential pointlessness. She watches my demo-- run, jump, blast, die, repeat--and says it's "too hard." My explanation that that's the whole fun point! everybody loses! seems unpersuasive.

K2 loves it, though. Wants to "watch the unicorn movie" non-stop now. I'm sure there's a profound learning moment to be had here somewhere, but Erasure has wiped out my higher brain functions.

Also, there really oughta be a kid-size t-shirt...

play the original Robot Unicorn Attack [adultswim.com via waxy]
Download Robot Unicorn Attack for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, $2.99 [itunes.apple.com]

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