May 26, 2010

Point Chair, By Sally And Peter Nencini


Wow, I can't get over how awesome this is. British designer/artist Peter Nencini and his needle-wielding wife Sally were commissioned to make a chair for a one-year-old boy based on Harry Nilsson's 1971 album/story The Point. [Which was also released as an animated special on ABC, with narration by a sleepy-sounding Ringo Starr.]

Peter created the illustration and the functional elements [there are pockets for pencils and a notebook on the back], and Sally embroidered it. Then the whole piece was affixed to an old wooden school chair. This mix of antique, sampler-style craft and materials with purely contemporary design is just fantastic. I just hope there isn't a pocket for scissors, too. That thing deserves to last a hundred years if it lasts a day.

The Point Chair []

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