May 20, 2010

Antonio Vitali Doll Chalet On eBay


Looks like the high end real estate market for dolls is beginning to rebound. I haven't seen an early 1950's Antonio Vital doll chalet like this on the market for a while, much less one that already has a big bid.


But then, this is a pretty incredible-looking example, what with the hand-carved roof, the hinge action [earlier models are all static]. And then there's the rather insane amount of Vitali-designed modernist furniture included with it. I'd say it has everything but the kitchen sink, but it has both the kitchen AND bathroom sinks. The only thing missing appears to be one drawer on one dresser. Hey, wait, mid-century Swiss woodworking consisted of just boring out a couple of overlapping holes? What are these drawers supposed to hold, M&M's?


VITALI Swiss Wood Dollhouse 1940-50 Creative Playthings, currently $99+25 s/h, auction ends May 30 [ebay]

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