May 18, 2010

Bing, MegaBing


Wow, how hard must it suck for Microsoft to traipse in and name their also-ran search engine after your adorable, troublemaking throwback boardbook bunny? Pretty hard, I'm guessing.

Ted Dewan published the first of his ten Bing Bunny books in 2003. The idea is a painfully familiar one: create a great, funny, toddler book that kids get addicted to and parents don't get sick of.

Honestly, I'm not sure how they hold up, but Dewan's illustration style is pretty fresh. And who needs a $100 million/month marketing budget when you have the giant, MDF MEGABING available for block parties and open parking spaces around Oxford? He should go plant that thing on Bill Gates' lawn.

Bing Bunny is on his way! [wormworks via things]
Any recs? Check out the Bing Bunny books at Amazon US or Amazon UK [amazon]


I've been waiting for Redmond to trot out, "It's a Bing thing."

Dewan's lawyers'd be all, "Bing it on!"

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