May 15, 2010

DC Wants To Be Brookln So Bad

Kid-free bloggers complaining about babies in bars. Stroller bans in twee local hangouts. Message board flamewars over family grocery runs on the bus. Just one train ride to Manhattan! All they need is a sex shop with a changing table, and a Jamba Juice on every corner [again, hey-o!], and Washington DC's transformation into the sixth borough will be complete.

Of course, when it comes to kicking cancer babies out of the froyo joint, Alexandria has us all beat:

A Dairy Godmother regular who declined to give her name said she was outraged when she, her two kids and a couple with a baby in a stroller were asked to leave before they were done eating so a videographer could get shots of the store. It was the couple's last outing before the infant, who has cancer, started chemotherapy.
New baby boom fosters culture clash: Parents vs. public spaces []


"Parents vs. public spaces", is it? Nice.

yes, apparently parents are invading the public's spaces. it's a real problem.

My local froyo has so many "don't do" signs posted I doubt we'll ever visit again.

This DC Dad has yet to feel the wrath.

If only children would stay inside watching Yo Gabba Gabba and never, ever interacting with anyone other than their parents, the world would be a much better place or something. And dogs would be able to, ummm... jump on whoever they want?

not that we necessarily like it, but we here in Philadelphia have been designated the "sixth borough" for a while. It doesn't help our collective inferiority complex. . .

yeah, I didn't want to rub it in that PHL isn't the top contender anymore.

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