May 13, 2010

Bulgogische Motoren Werke

There is much car pic goodness to salivate over at Bulgogi Brothers, but is there a reason that the oddball hoon station wagons are what stand out for me?

Like the apparently bahnstorming Opel Insignia OPC Touring? Or the--seriously, are those racing slicks on that 1st gen Subaru Forester??

But what tugs at my heartstrings the most is the image of a tuner boy starting to leave behind childish things and contemplate his domesticated future--by windowshopping for a BMW E39 M5 Touring.


Oh, and what's this thing that DT reader Nathan just sent in? A 1995 E34 M5 Touring, superlate build, supercharged and federalized, one of just 20 in the US, just waiting there on eBay for you to Buy It Now?


E39 Touring and much, much more [bulgogibrothers via dt reader drew]
1995 BMW M5 E34 Touring, buy it now, $28,900, ends May 16 [ebaymotors via dt reader nathan]

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The Opel Insignia is arriving in the US as a Buick Regal. No word on a wagon version or an OPC equivalent but if that combo makes it over here, I'm afraid I'm going to end up owning a Buick!

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