May 7, 2010

I Suspect This Will Be My Only Post About Babies

""Babies" is rated PG (Parental Guidance suggested). Breast feeding." [nyt]


I believe the Onion has the answer to this:,17381/

PG? up here it's G

Good lord, really? PG for breastfeeding?

*tears hair*

We're back in Germany for a bit. A day or two ago, as I was drinking my juice for breastfeeding mothers(!!), I held up the bottle to my husband and pointed out that the label would never fly in North America: it shows a mother breastfeeding a baby. Boob exposed.

For whatever it's worth, there was an imported Mexican brand of splash-on perfume/cologne that was sold in Texas stores, and it included a drawing of a reclining woman with a toga carefully draped across one breast (out of the two available to be covered). It never caused any outcry that I know of, but it did get quietly replaced with a plainer label at some point.

Oddly enough, I do have a bottle, though I don't use Mexican splash-on perfume/cologne, myself...

I've opted out since seeing "This Move is Not Yet Rated". If war-mongering focus on the family types are rating the movies with no accountability then I really don't see what relevance they have.

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