May 5, 2010

Han Shot First


I am thrilled for Jennifer and Jeff, and I'm glad they're using the last few months of their blissfully undisturbed, kid-free time to create such epic pregnancy announcements. It tactfully conveys the nuances of their conception situation while putting their joyful nerdiness on full-frontal display.

Also, it's so much better than the first one, it's not even funny.

A Small Announcement - as told through Science Fiction [youtube via waxy]


I think one of the YouTube commenters said it best: "...Amazing that such a big Star Wars fan was able to conceive a baby through actual intercourse with a REAL female...."

See, and I thought the whole point of the video was to not have to keep explaining to people that it didn't happen quite that way.

I thought the funniest YouTube comment was the quote from Leia: "You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought!"

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