April 29, 2010

The App Cubby Jr Sale

David Barnard's stories of life as an iPhone developer on his blog App Cubby put a nice human face on the hard work and economic realities behind the supposed app gold rush. And also the hopes, such as the sharing of ultrasound images:

Mrs. App Cubby (Elizabeth) and I are expecting baby #2!

These kids don't feed, clothe, and shelter themselves you know, so we've decided to hold an "App Cubby Jr" sale. This week only, you can buy any App Cubby app for twice the normal price! 100% of proceeds go toward diapers, food, our insurance deductible, and other baby related expenses.

I think this is awesome, and Trip Cubby comes just in time for our first weekend trip with the iPad. Good luck Cubbys!

App Cubby Jr. Sale [appcubby.com via daringfireball]

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