April 26, 2010

Adventure Playground By Archigram, c.1972


Archigram's massive archive just cracked open all over the Internet. While they're famous for their crazy concept studies and futuristic proposals, one of the architecture collective's realized projects--since demolished--was an adventure playground in Calverton, Milton Keynes, Buckhinghamshire. Which sounds like you should have heard of it, or know exactly where it is, but I haven't, and I have no idea. [Aha, a civil parish in a borough in a ceremonial county in the northernmost district of the south-east region. Very well, carry on, then.]

Anyway, 1972, an indoor play space with a shop and bathrooms, maybe a courtyard play area in back, all surrounded by giant berms, a retractable-looking sun shade there. Frankly, I'm not feeling it. Great picture, though.

Projects | Calverton End Adventure Playground, Milton Keynes [archigram.westminster.ac.uk]

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