April 23, 2010

At Home [Depot] Dad Meets Changing Table [Saw]

Nice. After a few years of chronicling the presence and absence of mens room changing tables, I am glad to see some changing table rebellion--on any surface I'm not eating off of:

My last trip to the great orange tool warehouse saw me changing a kid on the shiny new table saw on one of the corner end displays. There was a plastic cap on the blade so the kid got to spin the wheel while I wiped his willy. I thought it was pretty thoughtful of them to provide the space for men to change diapers in a manly way and it made up for having to walk back out of the mens room after coming up empty on the changing table quest. Mildly annoyed and a bit defiant but no outrage at the minimization of dads in the child care game.
Always remember to wear eye protection.

We need a clean up on the table saw, stat [sahdpdx via sahd in lansing]

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I haven't gone to that extreme yet, though I'm sure it will happen someday. Keep up the blog, it's super funny man.

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