April 22, 2010

Ellie For Willie

Whether you think it's exhaustive or exhausting, New York Magazine's sprawling feature talking about circumcision from every angle imaginable should be required reading for anyone deciding the fate of somebody else's foreskin.

And as of tonight, it seems like the American Society of Magazine Editors agrees, because "For and Against Foreskin" just won the Ellie Award for Personal Service article.

"For and Against Foreskin" [nymag via @rachelsklar


I'm so glad I didn't have boys so didn't have to wade through this particular minefield.

Exactly. You didn't (and couldn't) trim your girls' genitalia, so why should other people be able to do it their baby boys?

Wow, lot of ink for a decision my wife and I didn't really stress too much about. My wife left it up to me becuase as she said, "I wouldn't know either way." I asked our OB a number of questions, and she wouldn't do it anyway so the choice was easy, no need for it. Having two boys now does make it easier since they will always look "the same" and daddy is the different one.

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