April 22, 2010

Damn, But That Is One Gigantic Kids Tub

safety_tub_kids_nyt.jpgI'll say it again: damn, but that is one gigantic kids tub. Safety Tub Kids inventor Adam Schwartz [in tub, left], a father of a 2yo, told the NY Times' Joyce Wadler he got the idea, "three months into me doing the bathing They're squirmy and slippery little suckers."

So true. And switching jobs when one's baby mama hurts her back is often the occasion for much learning and fresh insights.

And I guess if I were going to spend $2,200 on a kids tub extender which totally encases and covers my current tub so I don't have to kneel or sit down to give the kid a bath, I would want to feel like I could see where the money went.

But then, that's really the point, isn't it? I'm not, and neither will anyone else. Still, this is probably the funniest article you'll ever read about a bathroom fixture trade show. [nyt]

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The Europeans got this one right. They have changing tables with built in bathtubs. Just flip the padded changing table to the side and fill up the bath. It was fantastic until the movers lost the plug.

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