April 20, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day By Buying Your Kid's Way Into A Gap Ad


Not really sure what is going on here, but near as I can tell, you can pay cash money to get your kid into a Gap ad.

Is this a valid value proposition in our parenting society? If you have extra tens of thousands of dollars to donate to the Earth Day-related charities of Christie's choice, do you want your kid in a Gap magazine ad? And to take a guided carriage ride through Central Park? And to take a VIP family vacation to Universal Studios Orlando?

I consider myself a pretty savvy benefit auction shopper, and this whole thing just baffles me.

update: it apparently went for $10,000, which was probably the opening bid, so this apparently baffled everyone but one extremely charitably minded bidder.

Lot 17: CHILD'S PLAY "DOESN'T YOUR KID DESERVE THE BEST?", est. $20,000-20,001, April 22, 2010 [christies.com]

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