April 19, 2010

The Fifth Axis: Hut-Hut Rocker By Kalon Studios


Coochicoos seems to have been taken in by Kalon Studio's email last week that their new Hut Hut rocker is optimally-milled on a 5-axis CNC machine from your choice of five FSC-certified woods, and that the name means Giddyup for camels. You don't have to be Ian Holm to recognize a flimsy cover story like that.

Clearly, the Kalon are a race of eco-conscious, alien super-beings, who are using the Milan Design Fair as a cover for delivering this map of our 5-dimensional, Pringle-shaped, holographic universe to the human child who will one day grow up to save our planet from becoming the next Tatooine.

I mean, how could they even get the Hut-Hut to Milan on May 1st, if they didn't have a subspace transporter? The volcano ash is necessary to prevent the plastic ships of the Magis from making chase. I mean, LeeLoo? Eyjafjallajökull! Hello! Do I have to send Milla Jovovich over there to beat it into you?

Riiight: Hut-Hut, coming soon in FSC cedar, cork, bamboo, maple, or walnut [kalonstudios.com via clever tomato]

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beautifully sculpted. thanks for the share!

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