April 18, 2010

No. 4115 Kindergarten Chair By Kai Hoeffer Larsen


When we last left our hero Kaj Høffer Larsen, he was saving fragments of Kaj Bojesen wallpaper from behind the cabinets of his father's just-closed furniture and toy factory in Langeskov.

Now we find him with "40 Years of Child Butt." 43, actually. That article was written in 2007, when the Langeskov factory was still operating.

In 1967, the young Høffer designed a beech high chair with a cutout in the back for the buckle on kids' overalls. Dubbed the No. 4115 chair, or the Hukit, after the store where it was sold, shortie versions quickly became standard issue for kindergartens all across Denmark.

Including, as it turns out, the royal kindergarten at the Amalienborg Palace. In 1971, Crown Princess Margrethe turned up to order a dozen, custom painted with little Danish flags. Which sounds kind of awesome. More kids' chairs need tiny little flags painted on them, probably about half the size of a credit card, max.

Hukit chairs are still in production, though, don't sweat. In six heights and seven colors [plus natural]. Leika just makes them somewhere else now.

K. Høffer Larsen A/S [hofferdesign.dk]
"40 Years of Child Butt." [leika.dk, google translate]
Hukit chair, H25-55cm, 1195-1495 Kroner, roughly $US215-270 [leika.dk]

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has an old school house look. thanks for the share.

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