April 15, 2010

Kids And Parents And Photos And iPads

Maybe it's because her camera was better than mine at the time, or because she was already all into her iPhoto, but my wife is the Chief Kid Photo Officer around here. She does the awesome, annual photobooks for the grandparents; she uploads the Picasa albums; she shoots her trademark black & white birthday portraits of the kids.

All of which, according to the New York Times Magazine of several weeks ago, is supposed to be The Man's Job. So not only should I be feeling threatened/competitive/inadequate, she's the one who should be getting an iPad, right?

And yet.

I took K2 to the Apple store today so she could work on her paputer a while [you do know those are all her paputers, right? Don't sweat, if she's not around, you can use them.]

And I tried to tempt her with an iPad. Whether this was an unconscious way to seduce myself into finally buying one, or to convince myself to bail, because it'd just be fights at bedtime, I don't know. What I do know, is that while she watched TMBG videos, this 2yo didn't want to hold the damn thing on her lap; she only wanted me to hold it. That is a behavior we will not be modeling in our house.

Framing Childhood (Feb. 24?? 2010) [nyt]


When we were in NYC recently we found the Apple Store at the SE corner of Central Park to be the best place for my daughter's frequent potty breaks. Visited it twice in a single day, I think. Clean, easy to reach from the Zoo -- whose restrooms had ridiculously long lines -- and a fun ride down the glass elevator. No changing tables for the wee ones, but otherwise great.

Interesting. Beyond the newborn baby pics, which they mentioned in the article, the jobs of picture taking, organizing, uploading, designing, printing, and bookmaking are all done by women in every family I know. If they're done at all, that is. In our house, I am woefully behind in my jobs. So many pictures, so little time.

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