April 13, 2010

Crazy Old Playthings

They're starting to bubble up, photos of some of the crazy old playthings our great-grandparents made. That our grandparents managed to survive playing with. So they could eventually bring our own parents forth, and so on, and so on, until we come along and become parents ourselves--and hover next to our kids while they climb a two-foot-tall, foam-covered ramp at a padded indoor playground.


First up, new dad and uber-designblogger John Meyers [of the Wary and Meyerses]:

here's my grandfather in a very Tossed & Found-looking (it's in my blood) jalopy my great-grandfather built him, circa 1910.

Notice the American flag bunting- which I thought would have been cooler if it was an actual little Borrowers-scale stage...

Anyone else? I'm still waiting on the goat-cart...

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