April 2, 2010

Kiss Me Deadly: Awesome, Handmade Mid-Century LA Modernist Dollhouse


Check out this sweet & simple doll house Chris spotted on eBay; it's coming from Long Beach, CA:

Created by a Los Angeles shop teacher clearly inspired by the case study and mid century modern homes that were being built around him. Likely from the late 40's / early 50's. Base is 15" x 12". House is 4.5" tall. There is free standing and built in furniture.
No kidding, and with enough moody, modernist anomie to keep your budding Edward Hopper or your young Robert Aldrich busy for hours.


Of course, if that's original vintage paint, it probably has enough lead in it to shield him from a nuclear blast--and to drop his IQ by 40-50 points. Definitely one for the high shelf.


Vtg Mid Century Modern Hand Made Case Study Doll House, $40 bid or $75 buy it now, auction ends Apr 5th [ebay via dt reader chris ]

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