April 2, 2010

Gilbert & George Singing Sculpture Toy By Kit Grover


Wow. In the Fall of 1971 Gilbert & George's Singing Sculpture was the debut show at Ileana Sonnabend's new gallery in SoHo. The pair stand on a table in suits and spotted metallic makeup and execute a precise series of mechano-robotic movements while an old-timey ode to British homelessness, "Under The Arches," plays on a tape deck. They do it all day without stopping. It's not performance art; they call it "living sculpture." I saw them present it in 1992 for Sonnabend's 20th anniversary.

For Tate Modern's big Gilbert & George retrospective in 2007, the museum's merchandise guru/designer Kit Grover came up with this incredible--did I say incredible? I mean incredibly awesome--little push toy.

Seeing as how we have a slight obsession around our house with artists as living sculpture, I wouldn't say this is a want. It's really more of a need, a desperate, desperate need.

Kit Grover's portfolio site [kitgrover.com via theselby via and a half]

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I'm pretty sure it's performance art even if it's also "living sculpture". Just sayin'.

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