March 30, 2010

Flimsy Slats Not Just For Cribs Anymore! Evenflo Recalls 180,000 Stair Gates


We have no stairs, so unlike, say, the global pandemic of umbrella stroller finger amputations, the recall Friday of 180,000 Evenflo wooden Top-of-Stair gates feels a little far from my own parenting experience.

But 142 reports of broken or detached slats and at least 13 injured kids since 2007--though one kid fell down one step, so yeah--can't be ignored. And it makes me wonder if the stair gate manufacturers have been using the cheap-ass crib manufacturers' playbook by using cut-rate, flimsy wood for their no-tests-required American slats.

Time will tell. Meanwhile, check the CPSC website for the affected model numbers, and then get Evenflo to cough up a new stair gate for you, pronto.

Evenflo Recalls Top-of-Stair Plus Wood Gates Due to Fall Hazard [, thanks dt readers jason and sarah]

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Flimsy slats? Yikes, we have one of these, and I thought it was the gate to end all gates. This thing keeps our tots from tumbling down the stairs pretty well, and I love the fact that it's so secure and not plastic. Guess I'll have to check the serial number now. Oh well, I can always TiVo the View.

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