March 27, 2010

Ferrari Plush Steering Wheel, &c.


From cutrate car seats to baby-sized pit crew jumpers, Daddy Types has long documented the hilariously tacky crapitude of Ferrari's licensed merchandise. No car brand I can think of has such a chasm between the autos themselves and the pointless junk the company pawns off on fans who will never, ever buy or drive one.

Unless I've been misunderstanding a fundamental attribute of the Ferrari brand itself. What if it's not really about racing, or performance, or sexy Italian styling, or heritage, or exclusivity, or even about exceptional wealth? What if Ferrari really stands for buying whatever the hell you want and not giving a damn what anyone else in the world thinks of it?

In that case, the Ferrari Online Junk Store is your #$)(%*ing Shopper's Paradise. Now you can take the money you'd have spent on your trip to Wynn Las Vegas and use it to buy a Ferrari sled or a Prancing Horse diaper bag.

Plush Steering Wheel, EUR18 at the Ferrari Kids Store [, via thingsmagazine]

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