March 26, 2010

DT Friday Freakout: The Nanny Edition

It's been a busy week here in DTHQ, but fortunately, there's still time to ruin your weekend with breaking news from the worlds of science and parenting:

  • The folks at Princeton have published a study showing that high fructose corn syrup causes greater obesity than the same caloric intake from sugar. Let's see if a smug ad campaign gets them out of this one. []

  • Being raised by nannies makes men commit adultery, so mothers should stay home instead of working, says--wait for it--some dataless royalwatcher in the Telegraph. [time's got a nice writeup so you don't have to send your pageviews abroad]

  • Researchers at Texas A&M researchers have found that the most effective way to piss me off is to call typical male pipefish behavior "Mr Mom." [eurekalert]

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