March 19, 2010

Kids Threadless T-Shirts Are All Ten Bucks Til Saturday Morning

I'm stoked that Threadless, everyone's favorite crowdsourcing t-shirt cult, is celebrating their 10th anniversary by selling all T's, including kids' for just $10 each. [Order by Saturday morning, 3/20 at 10AM CT!]

But I'm also kind of paralyzed by the choice. After surfing through 9 of 12 pages of kid shirts, the hundreds of unique designs have all become a hip, quirky, witty blur.


Unless someone stops me with some better suggestions, I'm going to end up with Adam Benjamin White's "Beat It." Which is awesome as a concept, but which I'd probably regret, either because the kid doesn't wear it, or because she does.

OK, maybe this one.

Beat It and all Threadless T-shirts are $10 at the moment [ via threadless pr]


This one is pretty awesome.

I would have thought "Space Needs Color" for you.

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