March 15, 2010

The San Francisco Treat

After being chased out of all the bars in Brooklyn by an angry, drunken, kid-free mob, Dadwagons' Matt Gross and his daughter head to the mean, steep, junkie-filled streets of San Francisco.

Which they love! And food's so cheap! And he expenses the whole thing!

The Frugal Traveler in San Francisco With His Year-Old Daugther [nytimes]
The leftovers are just as good! on the Traveling Dad Diet [dadwagon]
related? You gonna finish that?


Just saw the video. Cool. I'm just suprised to see a father carrying his ababy in a Maclaren stroller WITHOUT any hinge covers...

Sasha's got plenty of extra fingers, don't worry.

Speaking of You Gonna Finish That? -- one of Matt's (legion) of FrugalFriends made a good recommendation: Indian buffets. Plenty of vegetarian options, and they never charge for a toddler plate. And besides (I think), most babies already have the runs, so there's little added risk there.

At the bottom of page 3 of the Frugal Traveler article I was forced to laugh out loud at the following sentence:

"One week with this baby was more physically challenging than hiking across Montana and more psychologically draining than ... anything I’ve ever done."

He writes a parenting blog, he's a travel writer, and his daughter is one, and he's just now figuring this out. Good grief.

Living in Maine, the NYT is such an interesting window on an alien culture....

LOL, I always feel a little guilty feeding a kid off a buffet plate, but hey!--if it's an Indian custom, sign me up

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