March 15, 2010

Pesci Di Mari, Polpo Di Mari, Mammiferi Acquatici Di Mari


Since I only obsessively tracked down the info, dates, and materials for all the editions of Enzo Mari's iconic 16 Animali puzzle, I don't know which edition of Mari's sequel puzzle, 16 Pesci, has been obsessively photographed, up close, piece by piece, on Mondo Blogo.

But we know it's marbled resin, with a Danese stamp, and a 1974 copyright, and that it looks pretty awesome. Also, I hope Mr. Mari will not take it is a sign of "a didactic ruling or guidance which is, as such, always of a repressive nature," but the kid would like to point out that whales, snakes, octopus, seals and dolphins are not fish.


Enough with the art already... [mondo-blogo]


So I admit all my knowledge of Enzo Mari comes from your blog, but given that he published plans for a table that was meant to be built DIY style, do you think he'd be cool with publishing the DXF for this so people can lasercut it themselves?

Oy, do I know that table.

It's an excellent and obvious idea; you could just drop a sheet of plywood on a CNC router. Or even better--assuming you're not a fanatic about matching the grain--you could scan all the pieces separately, then cut them out of some nice, thick-but-not-wide boards and assemble them afterward.

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