March 7, 2010

Vintage Ikea Kids Table & Chairs By Karin Mobring


I've been low-grade fixated on the idea of vintage Ikea kids furniture ever since I found the "Kid Size" exhibition organized by the Vitra Design Museum. I've been keeping an eye out for any pieces to turn up for sale. Thanks to Ikea's built-in disposability and lack of preciousness, not much seems to have survived. Oh, and also, I'm drunk and looking for my keys under the streetlight; Ikea didn't build a store outside Scandinavia before the 1970s, so the only way you'd probably ever even get a chance of finding vintage stuff is to go thrifting in Sweden itself.

Or to find someone who did. The incredible, simple, red-painted, bent beech table and chairs set above was designed for Ikea by Karin Mobring in 1963. It's featured in Vitra's Kid Size collection and exhibition, and Etienne, the incredible Dutch dealer behind Mid Mod Design, has one available right now. With extra chairs. And if you're not shipping them to the US, they don't even seem that expensive.

Karin Mobring for Ikea, 1963, kids table & chairs, EUR150 []
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Is it just me or do those chairs look like they are upside down? The distance between the seat and the table looks huge. Maybe they are meant to turn either direction as the child grows? We have a chair (circa 2001) that Ikea no longer sells. I like to consider it vintage Ikea. No one knows that it is Ikea, especially since we replace the red fitted fabric with a soft pale blue wool. Keep looking for the vintage ikea.... give it another 20 years.

I think they're reversible. There are a lot of pics on the Mid Mod site showing them turned both ways.

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