March 5, 2010

There's A Party In Las Vegas! Yo Gabba Gabba Movie In The Works

So Entertainment Weekly gets the leak that Juno director Jason Reitman is involved in a Yo Gabba Gabba! movie. Considering that truly awful kids' TV shows like Dora The Explorer and Rugrats are shoveling out long-format TV specials and even theater-release features, I say an actually cool show like YGG! should have a movie, too. Those guys deserve all the coin they can scare up.

And besides, if the trailer shown during the Super Bowl is any indication, Muno turns out to be the red-pimpled reincarnation of Hunter S. Thompson. Fur & Loving In Las Vegas!


i'm very excited about this!



I would rather take the kids to "Caillou, The Movie: The Story of One Whiny Quebecois Toddler's Journey Through Chemotherapy" than put one more shekel in the pockets of those orange county douchebags.

YGG is sort of like the organic apples at Wal Mart. Sure, they're organic; but you're still buying them at Wal Mart (where conveniently you can also pick up licensed YGG toys!).

lolol, from the minute they opened the boom box and the toys came to life--they're toys!--I knew that YGG was designed as the biggest licensing juggernaut since the Muppets.

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