March 4, 2010

Go See Helen Levitt's In The Street This Month.

Photographer Helen Levitt, who made New York City's kids one of her most enduring subjects, died in March 2009. As a tribute to her work, Laurence Miller Gallery is screening Levitt's urchin-tastic 1940s short film, In The Street, through March 27. Levitt made the film with James Agee and her then-sister-in-law Janice Loeb.

Helen Levitt's In The Street, Mar 2 - 27, 2010 [laurencemillergallery]

update: sure enough, it's on YouTube, too, complete with German voiceover. Been there almost eight months.

In The Street, Part 1
In The Street, Part 2

Remind me why kids don't play chalk-in-the-sock anymore?

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for non-manhhatanites, it's also been on youtube for quite awhile:

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