March 3, 2010

Read A Book Means Tell A Story


It's funny what sticks in kids' heads. But somehow, on Sunday, K2 overheard me describing for her big sister a sculpture I saw this weekend, and it's been non-stop, "Read the book about Daddy's friend Jamie again!" ever since.

So here it is:

On Saturday, I went to my friend Andrew's gallery to see some art by my friend Jamie.

She made a sculpture. It was big and round like a soccer ball, and kind of lumpy.

And it was painted all over, with patches, like a quilt. It was sitting on a box.

And when I got there, I saw Jamie, and then she went to hide inside the sculpture.

She only left one leg sticking out, and one arm. And she was holding a big ring, from a boat. Like in Curious George.

She sat very, very still, and she didn't move. Like she was part of the sculpture. And so people didn't know if it was a real arm, and she was hiding inside.

She had a friend help her hide, and she didn't let anybody else see her get inside the sculpture.

And she has her iPod in there, and her friend helps her get out when she wants a break, to go to the bathroom, or to eat some dinner. She hides inside the sculpture for 30 minutes, and then she takes a break for 30 minutes.

The end. Except that we repeat the story over and over and over again. Makes me want to crawl inside a soccer ball and hide.

Jamie Isenstein's "Dancing Pop-Up Fishing Sculpture" and other works are on view at Andrew Kreps Gallery through Mar. 20 []

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