February 19, 2010

René Maltête On Parents


The caption on the Why Evolution Is True blog, written by someone who should presumably know better, is "How Genetics Works." Except it's not. Not unless, as commenter Kassul points out,

the alleles for vertical bars(or not) and horizontal bars(or not) occupy different loci...

So if they're heterozygous and had the Totally Overdone 4 kids that all fit nicely into their slots they might have this kid with a crosshatching of sorts, another kid with just verticals, one with horizontals and one with a white shirt?

Someone should write to these parents and tell them to get cracking on making another 3 babies...

Mhmm. The parents shot by the late French photowitticist René Maltête create just the sort of visual amusement that Hanns Reich collected in his Laughing Camera books, published in the 1960s as part of the Terra Magica series.

How Genetics Works [why evolution is true via accidental mysteries]Check out all the vintage Hanns Reich photobooks on Amazon [amazon]

1 Comment

The shirts could be co-dominant, with the parents sporting HH and VV genes. No matter how many children they have, each will wear a cross hatched HV.

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