February 16, 2010

Massachusetts: Pummeling The Crap Out Of Restaurantgoers Since 2002

You know, it's funny--and by funny, I mean the exact opposite of funny--I thought today's Massachusetts criminal justice system story was going to be how this 2-year-old post about Stone Cold Derek Lindsay, the arresting-est dad in Taunton, MA, has been getting a small but steady stream of comments from people who apparently know him.

Some folks defend him, saying that the media's obsession with his 140-odd arrests for "charges rang[ing] from shoplifting and open and gross behavior to assault and battery, assault with a dangerous weapon and intimidating a witness" don't really give a fair picture of Derek the man, Derek the dad.

Others, including one from just today, are messages of support to Lindsay who, it turns out, has been held in jail for several months, ever since that whole assault on the woman-with-the-baby-stroller incident hit the courts just as they were getting around to dealing with the threatened-and/or-attempted-murder-in-that-tattoo-parlor fracas. And just because of that--well, that, and the media's obsession with Lindsay ever since that deal where he threatened to beat up another dad in the Shrek balloon animal line at McDonalds--the judge jacked up his bail.

But then DT senior freakout correspondent Sara sent along the Boston Globe story about how accused tenure-murderer Amy Bishop--excuse me, Dr. Amy Bishop--may not have attended her court-ordered anger management classes after being convicted of punching out another mom who had taken the last booster seat at an International House of Pancakes in Peabody in 2002.

So yeah, you see the dilemma.

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