February 14, 2010

DT Cutestorm: K2 On A Snowboard

OK, first an apology to all the parents at Sundance yesterday who felt a twinge of inadequacy for your kids. I'm sure they're delightful, and you should be very proud.

That said, we did have some idea about how awesomely, hilariously, ridiculously cute K2 would look when we put her on a little snowboard, hauled her 20 yards up the hill next to the lift, and let her go. We'd seen another barely 2yo kid doing the exact same thing with his dad[s?] on Friday, and he was adorable and ecstatic.

But it was a complete surprise to us, too, when our kid would shout out, "Ready, get set, go!" at the top and, "I'm snowboarding! I'm snowboarding!" at the bottom.

2yo + snowboarding on YouTube: 53 results [youtube]

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