February 7, 2010

DT Advertiser Shoutout: Gold Pants Edition

It's a snowbound Sunday night, and a doddering, old English couple just lipsynched in the middle of an LED extravaganza. What better time to give a shoutout to the advertisers who support Daddy Types and line the kids' 529 plans?

And what better time than when there's an ad for a controversial and scientifically problematic book, to reiterate the Daddy Types policy of not accepting or rejecting advertisements based on their content or political views? [With the exception of porn and gaming, which I do reject, after being sandbagged by CNN, which switched out an ad for a Glenn Beck week-long "expose'" about online porn addiction.]

So thanks to:

  • Palgrave Macmillan, who advertised Dr. Julie Buckley's new book, "Healing Our Autistic Children," which asserts rather strongly that ASD should be considered a medical condition, which can be "cured" through aggressive dietary, vitamin/supplement, homeopathic, and other controversial treatments not endorsed by the medical and psychology mainstream.

  • Adams Publishing, who thinks that, instead of chocolates, new moms might prefer "The Mominatrix's Guide To Sex," by Kristen Chase for Valentine's Day. Chase, who is also a blogger, ends her author's bio with this: "She currently resides with her family in Atlanta, where she chases after her kids and pleases her husband." Which is nice, as long as she's pleased, too, if you know what I'm sayin.'

  • Seal Publishing, who also thinks books are better than chocolates, books such as Amy Ferris's "Marrying George Clooney," a laugh/cry/laugh again look at romantic life during and after menopause. Why not plan [way] ahead, and get both books?

  • PBS Frontline's "digital_nation," which is not a book, but a documentary event that explores life in this crazy dadblogging, livetweeting, webcamming age we're living in right now.

  • Sakura infant carriers, whose ad, you should know, has the absolute highest performance of any ad ever on Daddy Types. EVER. By an order of magnitude. No one can resist the power of a man wearing a baby.

And a perennial shoutout to Daddy Types' sponsors, Sparkability, EliteCarSeats.com, and JoggingStroller.com, who give Daddy Types a little kickback when readers place an order via their ads.

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Well there's a thing. The same script that blocks Facebook ads apparently blocks DT ads as well. I'll just open up the page in some other browser and do some clicking, then.

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