February 5, 2010

Coloring Wallpaper


I guess I'm fine with both the idea of colorable wallpaper AND this particular execution. I like the drawing style, or what I can see of it, well enough. Though frankly, I'm not sure it's really even necessary. For $30, the price of a gallon of paint at some point down the road when you tire of it, you could just designate a kid's wall the Coloring Wall and let her go to town on it.

Some crazy German art dealer friends did that with their kitchen wall, and various artists would join in with their kids to doodle and draw; it looked fantastic.

No, what really bugs me--me, an MBA, an art collector, a stuffhound--is the tone and mission of the website behind the wallpaper, a startup called Culture Label. This undiluted brand consultancyspeak is like unanesthetized dental work:

CultureLabel.com is your one-stop-culture-shop, bringing you an edit of products [!] currently available from over 70 leading museum shops, galleries, artists and culture institutions from around the world...Every item is handpicked by our arts partners - the masters of curation [!?]...

We aim to plant 'cultural shopping' in the mind of every consumer looking to find that ideal buy...

At the core of CultureLabel lies a fruitful marriage that mixes commercial expertise with cultural excellence. For us, someone seeking great art and someone seeking great product have some very similar needs...

For us, cultural entrepreneurship is all about connecting culture and consumers - demolishing walls and supplying enormous mainstream demand...

Or maybe it's just that they hit so many of my highly specific linguistic buttons, including onanistic abuse of the term "curation" and the sloppy fashionistic crutch, "is all about ___."

Anyway, the wallpaper's £40.00 for a 10m x 0.5m roll. Have at it. [culturelabel.com]

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I have some adult friends (proud DINKs and art fans) who painted a couple walls of their guest bathroom with chalkboard paint and leave out colored chalk for their (frequent) dinner guests to make contributions.

If they don't like a particular doodle or graffito, they can easily erase it, but the fun stuff tends to hang around for a couple years.

Probably not a good option if you have bad asthma, though....

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