February 3, 2010

'This Was A Harsh Reality For Mike, Who Had No Significant Human Relationships'

From the unbridled destruction of the landscape by proto-suburban sprawl, to the ever-looming threat of unemployment from technological obsolescence, to the desperate search for work--any work--that drives prices and wages to near zero--and literally leaves the working man trapped with no escape, Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel has a lot of material for Fake Werner Herzog to work with.

Instead, he mostly goes with Mike's taboo love for Marianne. Which, unless you're Klaus Kinski, should be just fine.

Werner Herzog Reads Mike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel [youtube via dt reader rolf]


This one is a more comfortable subject for FWH than Curious George, more of a retelling than a reinterpretation. This is essentially how I view the book already.

McCloskey would make a better subject for FWH. Blueberries for Sal, or Make Way for Ducklings, and the collision of man and nature.

The brief sound clip in the beginning and end is from Huutajat, I believe, the famed (?) Finnish shouting choir.

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