February 3, 2010

Knockoff London-In-A-Bag


Wow, just because they don't have labels doesn't mean you can knock them off. The Museum of London is selling a London-in-a-Bag play set which is a straightup ripoff of Muji's original -in-a-Bag series of toys, which were created--in London!--by the design firm Industrial Facility.


Fake, tarted up London in a Bag, £12.99 [culturelabel.com]
Original, unpainted London in a Bag, £5.95 [muji.eu]


Could this mean a certain "Detroit in a Bag" creation is in danger of being knocked off and tarted up?

d'oh, obviously I'm not opposed to painting or tarting up on principle...

Also, it should be noted that tarted-up London in a Bag contains both Westminster Abbey and Tower Bridge - either one of which beats the Millenium Dome like a... well... drum. Important historical buildings FTW.

I clicked on the link just to increase the likelihood of "Fake, tarted up London in a Bag" showing up in their SEO stats...

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