February 3, 2010

Jerry, Erik, Nanna & Bear


That kid there is Erik Ross, I met him once with his mother Lillian, at a party I helped organize for Sofia Coppola. Nice folks. And of course, that's a Nanna Ditzel high chair, which looks pretty fantastic. Never seen one in its natural, vintage habitat before.

Not sure what J.D. Salinger's doing in the picture. Never knew to ask.

Ah, here we go. Ross said Jerry loved kids.

Salinger Snapshots from the personal collection of Lilian Ross [newyorker.com via dinosaurs + robots]
My long friendship with J.D. Salinger [newyorker.com]


Jerry: "Look at me, kiddo. Look at me. I'm cooler than Mr. Bear, look at me, please?"

Until this weeks New Yorker it had never occurred to me to wonder what the J stood for.

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