January 27, 2010

Brown Bear Vs Board Of Education

Yesterday I learned from Dadwagon that members of the Texas State Board of Education recommended banning the work of Bill Martin Jr, who authored Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, from being used in the state's public education curriculum.

The reason given was the elected official, whose job is to decide what to teach kids in Texas, looked Martin's name up on borders.com, and saw that he had also written Ethical Marxism: The Categorical Imperative of Liberation," which, according to the official, contains "very strong critiques of capitalism and the American system."

Now people who care about "facts" will say there are two Bill Martins, and I would agree completely: there's the one who hates America to its face, and the one who tries through subterfuge to indoctrinate Our Children with shame and hatred for This Great Country.

Not one to be easily duped by the Liberal Media, I decided to read this Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? for myself, and see what messages it was giving to my freedom-loving, 2-yo daughter.

So with apologies to Fake Werner Herzog, I present my shocking findings below. They looked much crisper in Garageband:

Confused Texas Education Board bans kids' author from curriculum [dallasnews.com]


Now I'm just sad, Greg.

There are a lot more children on the children page in the non-board version. Mixed race children, diluting our American genetic purity.

I hope the Real Americans in Texas can hold the line.

No if it was "Red Bear, Red Bear" they might be on to something.

They should just burn me at the stake then because as a music teacher I sing through that book with my classes almost every single day. They demand it. Little Marxist children.

Thank you for sharing the deeper, more troubling meaning behind the pictures. This book should be burned. Unfortunately, that might mean that your fabulous oilcloth might melt a little.

Did I miss something? Did J. Edgar Hoover rise from the dead to head the Texas Board of Education? Even if they were the same person would it be illegal to write and publish such books in America or just Texas?

The Texas Board of Education does all textbook recommendations for the state. They have become ridiculously politicized. To the point that most conservatives in the state think they're nut jobs. The board is supposed to be half teachers and half private citizens (which sounds rational), but the private citizens are so irrational that I think the teachers often give up.

I mean how do you have a rational argument with people who would even suggest this sort of thing?

Great video!

Very funny.

Situation, though, is very sad and scary. I hate this idea that banning books of any kind is a good idea. They want to know who is leading us down the road to fascism? They should look in a mirror.

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