January 24, 2010

Whimsical Wonesie Watch: Shape Caterpillar At Tate London


Anyone else notice a severe shortage of fantastical or funny Onesies around here lately? I don't want to say I'm over it, but whether they're humorous, raunchy, ironic, whimsical, hipsterish, or design-y, I've definitely come to see the decorated Onesie thing as a problematic phase. I mean, at least you nominally choose the message you want to convey with your t-shirt; but a Onesie-sized kid has no say. He's an accessory, a canvas, being dressed purely for the amusement of his adults.

And isn't this Caterpillar Babygrow design by Miller Goodman kind of awesome? Such a pleasant change from the Hungry Caterpillar Industrial Complex.

Caterpillar Babygrow 0-6, 6-12, 12-18 mos, £14 at Tate Shops [tate.org.uk]

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