January 24, 2010

ShapeMaker Blocks By Miller Goodman


Zoe Miller and David Goodman design a fine-looking collection of kids products for the Tate's gift shop, but they pulled out all the stops for their own debut toy: ShapeMaker blocks.

These rock. The graphic simplicity, flexibility, and creative play possibilities make me wonder why people have been covering blocks with alphabets and numbers and random line drawings all these years. Suddenly makes no sense.

ShapeMakers' patterns kind of remind me of the puzzle blocks Milton Glaser designed for MoMA back in the day, only Miller Goodman put as much emphasis on fun as on aesthetic punch.

Miller Goodman ShapeMaker blocks are £29.95 directly from their Shhhop [millergoodman, shhhop]
Or get them in the US of A for $47 at Wooden Wagon [thewoodenwagon.com]


Got those last year. They do not only look terrific, but also feel great, as they are made out of rubberwood. Excellent choice and a great gift, too. Can't wait for my kid to get old enough to really appreciate them. I expect that to be around his 25 birthday.

my son got them last christmas. he´s 22 months old now, so yeah, i´m waiting for him to appreciate these, too.
for the time being he´s happy to just stack them (which is fine for me) or to throw them around (which is...well...not so fine..).

miller goodman have got quiet a nice little animated film on youtube, too.
i actually posted it in my blog, which i just started three weeks ago.
i you look for it, it´s the first ever post.
yes, that´s how much i like it...

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