January 21, 2010

Mini Daddy Types

Sure, it's exciting to see a 6-year-old like Adriansito possess such noble, crotch-thrusting Reggaeton dreams. But what I'm most glad for, is the hope he provides my daughter, who now won't have to wait until she has some to shake her maracas. Muchas gracias, cabronito!



thanks Greg... now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day.:)

WTF is right. There's so much wrong with this I cannot even begin to list it all. It's almost as if every time I try to organize my thoughts about this song and video, a small part of my brain dies.

actually he is 9 years old, mamoncete!

In every sport that we like, we do have our own desired players and beloved teams that we prove so much. We examine all their sport and cheer them on when they get a tally. We also tend to shout motivational cheers when they play awfully. We even buy posters, auburn mugs, t-shirts, jerseys and other stuffs containing the players names and the name of the bunch that we dearest so much. This is how most of the sports fans espousal their well-loved sports icons and teams.

[#$%ing spammers -ed.]

So whose Jersey would Adriansito wear?

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